A fire protection company working to enhance your safety
Les Gicleurs du Nord is a regional, family owned company that specializes in fire suppression and protection. The company’s wide service offering reflects its team’s technical expertise and commitment to excellence. Les Gicleurs du Nord has built itself a solid reputation among various industries thanks to its expertise.

Les Gicleurs du Nord designs sprinkler system plans; manufactures, installs, modifies, repairs, inspects and maintains systems; and sells fire extinguishers. Its team stands out for its extensive expertise and impressive capability to develop complex systems.

Les Gicleurs du Nord offers its clients, who can choose from fixed-rate and turnkey fire protection contracts, peace of mind, safety and the assurance of efficient fire protection. Its professionals take it upon themselves to meet their clients’ most stringent performance requirements without delay.



Driven by a desire to protect its corporate clients’ human resources and assets and keep them safe, Les Gicleurs du Nord’s mission is to offer effective products, services and solutions that are perfectly suited to fire protection.